Skipjack Wind 1

Off the Delmarva coast and providing 40,000 homes with clean, reliable offshore wind energy.

Powering Delmarva with offshore wind

Skipjack Wind 1 will be built, owned, and operated by Ørsted, the world's leading developer of offshore wind projects.

The project was proposed in response to Maryland’s Offshore Wind Act of 2013 and is designed on the premise that renewable energy can be a reliable solution to meeting modern electricity challenges. At the right size, in the right location, Skipjack Wind 1 can help Maryland meet its clean-energy and emission-reduction goals.

Skipjack Wind 1 at a glance

19 miles from the Delmarva coast; its transmission system will connect to an existing substation

Provide 40,000 homes in with clean, reliable offshore wind energy

Help Maryland reach its renewable energy goals

Coming online second half of 2026

Supplied by local steel fabricators

We’re investing in Crystal Steel’s plant in Federalsburg, Maryland, to make it the lead supplier of prefabricated approved-for-construction steel components for Skipjack Wind Farm.

The plant will also supply the other projects under construction in the mid-Atlantic region. These include Ocean Wind 1 and Ocean Wind 2 in New Jersey – and, if our current bid is successful, Skipjack Wind 2.

Ørsted’s investment will fund the construction of new facilities and the purchase of new equipment, making the Delmarva plant into a state-of-the-art steel fabrication facility.

Crystal steel good paying jobs

Maryland steel gets our investment

New good paying jobs

Our investment will create close to 50 new jobs in Federalsburg, expanding Crystal Steel’s workforce in the town by one third in the immediate future.

Clean energy

Skipjack Wind 1 will generate clean, renewable energy for the Eastern Shore using GE’s next generation of offshore wind turbines.

The project will help the state meet its clean-energy and emissions-reduction goals. At a modest scale, Skipjack Wind 1 is the right size project for Delmarva as it enters America’s growing offshore wind industry. Located 19 miles off the coast of the Delmarva Peninsula, the project will provide low impact to beach views. Subject to final agreed and signed contract and all required project approvals, Ørsted will deploy Haliade-X 12MW wind turbines.

Healthy communities

Our turbines will generate enough energy to power 40,000 homes. Over its lifetime, Skipjack Wind 1 will significantly reduce carbon emissions on the Eastern Shore.

Benefits to the community

Skipjack Wind 1 will create nearly 1,400 Maryland jobs. This includes 913 jobs (measured in full-time equivalents) during the development/construction phase and 484 jobs during the operating period. The project represents a significant economic investment in Maryland. Ørsted will spend at least 34% of the project’s total capital expenditures in Maryland, which is expected to be over $200 million, and contribute $6 million to the Maryland Offshore Wind Business Development Fund, which benefits the local economy. Ørsted will also invest a combined $38 million in in-state port and fabrication facilities to help establish Maryland as a regional hub for offshore wind construction.

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